Adding HTML for an FAQ page

You can add an accordion style FAQ page that works like the page in the demo store ( Sunrise FAQ )

Create a page named FAQ and you’ll see an icon that looks like this <>

Switch to HTML mode

Click that icon to switch the editor to HTML mode then paste in the simple HTML for your FAQ.

For example this will give you an faq with 2 questions…

<div class="gt-accordion">
<h4>This is question one</h4>
<div>The answer for question one goes here</div>
<h4>This is question two</h4>
<div>The answer for question two goes here</div>

Taking a theme backup

It’s a good idea to take a theme backup before installing apps or making code changes.

That way, you always have a good version to switch back to if something goes wrong.

The easiest way to take a theme backup is to duplicate the theme and you can find instructions for that in the following link…

Duplicate your theme

What does theme support cover?

Free theme support covers bug fixes and help with theme settings. We can also help you with some minor modifications (e.g. a small CSS snippet to change a color of a specific item). If you’d like to add new features or change how the theme works, that would fall outside the scope of regular theme support but you can hire an experienced developer to modify the theme code for you from the Shopify experts area.

How to change the theme text

That’s all done through the language editor. To access that:

  1. Click “Themes” from the admin sidebar
  2. Then click the “…” icon next to your theme and choose “Edit Language” from the dropdown
  3. You can click a tab heading and edit the text within that section. Remember to click save.

See Shopify docs for more details about the language editor.

Footer links

By default, the Sunrise theme uses the “Footer” menu for footer links. You can change that to pull links from a different menu like this…

Click “Customize theme” and click the “Footer” section. Choose your menu from the dropdown and don’t forget to save your changes.

Adding responsive videos

You can easily add videos to your product descriptions, pages, blog posts etc. There’s no need to add extra HTML. The theme handles that for you. All you need is the video embed code from somewhere like Youtube or Vimeo.

Adding HTML for an accordion

You can add an accordion style section to a product description, page or blog. All you need is some simple HTML.

Edit the page that you want to add an accordion to then click the icon (<>) to switch to HTML mode…

Switch to HTML mode

Then paste in the simple HTML for your accordion.

For example this will give you an accordion with 2 sections…

<div class="gt-accordion">
<h4>First section title</h4>
<div>Content for first section goes here</div>
<h4>Second section title</h4>
<div>Content for second section goes here</div>

Adding a contact form

You can easily add a contact form to a page. In Shopify admin, click “Pages”. Click the page that you’d like to add a contact form to. You’ll see a section named “Template” near the bottom of the screen. Choose “” and you’ll have a fully working contact form!

Using Google fonts

It’s easy to use Google fonts in your theme.

  1. You can choose a different font for your headings and body text.
  2. Click “Customize theme”, then in the sidebar click “General settings” and see the section named “Typography”.
  3. Choose your font by clicking the dropdown labelled “Font”.
  4. You can also choose the font weight and style.

Multi-currency setup

It’s easy to configure multiple currencies:

  1. Just click “Customize theme” then in the sidebar click “General settings” and see the section named “Currency”. Make sure the default currency matches your store currency.
  2. Type the currencies you want to support separated by a comma.
  3. Don’t forget to save your changes.

What are your normal support hours?

Please note that normal support hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm GMT but we’ll often reply outside those hours whenever possible. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. You can use the contact form to get in touch. All theme support is handled by email. With multiple clients in different timezones, it’s much easier to keep track of things that way.