How do I add custom CSS to the theme?

This is only recommended if you’re confident editing the theme code. If not, you could hire an experienced coder to make the changes for you.

Note:changing theme code should be done with caution as it could break your theme. Please ensure that you take a theme backup before changing any theme code. To take a theme backup click the “Actions” button next to your theme name and choose “Duplicate” from the options.

Now click the “Actions” button again and choose “Edit code”. When the editor opens, click the file named “styles.scss.liquid” in the “Assets” section.

Scroll to the very end of that file and you can add your custom CSS there.

Click “Save” when you’ve added your code.

Can I switch the slideshow off?

You can delete a slideshow section. Click “Customize theme” and then click the “Slideshow” section that you want to delete. You’ll find a “Delete section” button there. Click that and don’t forget to save your changes.

Images – what are the recommended sizes?

These are the suggested image sizes for the Sunrise theme…

  • Slideshow images: 2000 x 750px (try to make them all the same size)
  • Banner image: 2000 x 200px
  • Product images: 2000 x 2000px (or try to make all your product shots the same size and shape for best results)
  • Logo list: 400 x 200px

How to change the theme text

That’s all done through the language editor. To access that:

  1. Click “Themes” from the admin sidebar
  2. Then click the “…” icon next to your theme and choose “Edit Language” from the dropdown
  3. You can click a tab heading and edit the text within that section. Remember to click save.

See Shopify docs for more details about the language editor.