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A collection shows all the products that it contains.

What if you want to show sub collections?

There’s a page template included in your theme that can help with that.

For example, let’s say that you have a collection named “Star Wars” and you want to show sub collections for example a thumbnail for Empire related products, one for Droids, one for Jedi etc.

So in this example, you’d create a page named “Star Wars”. See the following guide if you need help with creating a page…
Shopify pages documentation

Once you’ve created the page, you’ll see a dropdown that allows to select a template. Choose the template named “page.sub-collections” and save your changes.

Now go the the Navigation section of Shopify admin and create a menu with the exact same name as the page. So in this example, you’d add a menu named “Star Wars” then add links to the menu. Those links will then appear when you view the “Star Wars” page in your storefront.

NOTE: if you don’t see the template in the page dropdown you could be using an old version of the theme or customizing a theme that isn’t published as your live theme.